Communicating well in business should be fun! 

Do you struggle to get the people you lead and coach opening up, and being honest with you about what they really want to achieve?

By unlocking the magic of using NLP skills in business and coaching you'll soon be easily motivating, engaging, and inspiring others like never before.

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NLP Professional Development

Courses and Coaching for 

Business Professionals & Coaches

You may be just discovering about how NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) improves leadingcommunicating, influencing and motivating skills. Or are already experienced in using NLP techniques and are now  looking to develop your NLP skills for business and coaching.

We have a full range of live and interactive online business and coaching courses, self-paced online learning, an international membership club and NLP training programmes specifically for business and coaching Certified Internationally by The Society of NLP

NLP Professional Development Courses and Online Coaching

For Business Professionals & Coaches

You may be just discovering how NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) improves leading, communicating, influencing, and motivating skills. Or are already experienced in using NLP techniques and are now looking to develop your NLP skills for business and coaching with an online NLP course.

At NLP Business Circle, we deliver live and interactive online NLP Business Practitioner and NLP Business Coaching courses, self-paced online learning, an international membership club, and NLP training programmes specifically for UK businesses and coaching Certified Internationally by ANLP (Association of NLP) Wherever you are based start your NLP coaching journey today.

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Let me introduce myself

Hello, I'm Fiona Campbell, and I've been using my love of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help UK business professionals and coaches motivate, inspire, and communicate clearly with their teams and clients for over 30 years. 

My mission is to make NLP skills accessible for business professionals and coaches worldwide to help them elevate their leading and coaching skills to enhance the results they get with the people they work with.

More About Me

Looking for Specific Outcomes? Get Started Below:

Self-Paced Online NLP Coaching Courses

If you are a UK business leader, aspiring leader, or coach looking to improve your communicating, coaching, influencing, and motivating skills, we have a range of self-learning courses for you.

Learn how to use language very specifically to influence the behaviour of others and get behind what people say to the heart of what they really mean.

Learn how to craft the questions that help people take personal responsibility for achieving their goals and objectives 


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Online NLP Courses for Business Coaching  

You don't have to become qualified in NLP coaching or invest thousands of dollars to use NLP Skills in business.

Learn to use the same NLP communication and behaviour skills that l use in my coaching company with my corporate clients.

Join our live and interactive training online for leaders, managers and coaches.

Learn to use non-verbal communication for influencing others to become more engaged, productive and take more personal responsibility.

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NLP Certified Business & Coaching Training 

Become an Internationally Certified

  • NLP Business Practitioner
  • NLP Business Master Practitioner
  • NLP Business Coach  

Our programmes are delivered live and online, are highly interactive with breakout rooms, and are supported by our team of NLP trainers, Business Master Practitioners, and Coaches.

This training is accepted for Professional Indemnity Insurance in the UK  

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Don't know what way to go yet?   

Browse our online NLP coaching company store and see what course or membership is the best fit for you.  

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What can you expect from our training and coaching

We help international and UK business professionals and coaches develop the Advanced Communication skills of NLP to make leading and coaching a fun and engaging experience.

The more fun you have, the more motivated those you lead and coach will be.

So, whether you’re in England, Scotland, or Wales, and no matter which way you train with us you can count on three things:

Easy to Use Techniques

Although NLP coaching is a complex subject, we pride ourselves on making the NLP techniques we teach easy to apply in business and coaching no matter what level you are at. 

Learn Your Own Way

We mix it up: from learning the basics of NLP coaching online through to internationally recognised NLP for Business Accredited Certification - we have something for everyone.

Personal Touch

On all our live courses and the NLP Business Circle Club, Fiona and her NLP Business Circle Team are always available to give you personal feedback and support.

NLP Business Circle Club


Our most popular plan

  • 2 x 2 Hour Live and Interactive Master Classes each month
  • Practice live with other NLP Professionals in breakout rooms 
  • Workbook, video and audio downloads for each Masterclass
  • Unlimited access to all Masterclasses videos, audios and workbooks Library since 2020
  • Strategies for using NLP in Business
  • Strategies for using NLP skills for Coaching 
  • Unlimited access to all the videos and audios  on our Mobile App
  • Members only discounts and offers 
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Membership means unlimited access

Want instant access how to apply a wide selection of NLP techniques to use for business and coaching, at a touch of a button? Sign up for the NLP Business Circle Club membership, and enjoy unlimited access to our Masterclass videos, audios and workbook Library since 2020.  Any time, on your mobile App, you’ll get access to them all!  

Malcolm Barlow 

"This has been  the most incredible training of my life. It has  brought together all my previous learnings into one  focus."

Julie Alton

" My team members now achieve their desired goals much more effectively which has been achieved by utilising the excellent NLP techniques 

Nichola Porter-Smith

"I am able to apply my learnings to work and personal life, listen and ask more questions to help others to find solutions for themselves"

Laura Laugier

"Looking at language patterns helped me gain access to the deeper levels and to better understand people's behaviour."

Shahid Din

" I made a dramatic transformation and developed as a true leader, who steps out of problems and provides better insights for my team "

Chix Shah 

"She allowed members of my team to better  understand themselves, each other and our  customers, resulting in far better communication  and business results"

Have fun and learn to use the skills of world class communicators, even if you are new to NLP Coaching  

You don't have to be highly qualified to get the benefits of using NLP coaching in business. Get curious about the different ways we all perceive the world and enthusiastic about unlocking your ability to communicate brilliantly with everyone you work with or coach. Imagine having no more 'difficult' people to deal with.

NLP coaching is all about getting your mind moving and flexing and helping you, and others have more good choices in your life

Join us to let loose, learn some new skills and live happy!

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Your Free Access to Focused Listening for Business Toolkit

Learn how to listen with intent, process information, and take strategic business decisions, fast. Develop the art of being consciously present in every conversation with this FREE online course
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