Frictionless Communication Using NLP

Our next 6 Week Online Programme commences Tuesday 15th September 2020

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Nothing is stronger than human connection. Finding ways to help yourself and others remain productive in ever-changing environments, requires an agile, flexible and authentic mindset.

Being able to quickly develop the frictionless communication skills to help yourself and others feel connected, genuinely listened to, understood, valued and appreciated helps us all stay connected, optimistic and motivated.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a methodology and attitude that improves the way people communicate, motivate and build relationships with others. NLP helps you understand how verbal and non-verbal communication affects our physical and emotional state and the way this impacts on the ability to think clearly and get things done. We focus on the process of how people are communicating rather than analysing why they communicate the way they do.

In business, NLP techniques are used for: developing Frictionless Communication Skills. Frictionless or smooth running communication skills are needed, because we use so many more ways such as email, online video, text, phone, WhatsApp, than in person, to keep in touch.  

Often this is not in 'real' time, as people work in different time zones.    

Taking personal responsibility is vital for ensuring that work gets done within a given timeframe.

This can only happen when everyone has total clarity of what they are required to do and by when. And when people genuinely care about supporting and helping each other.

This 6 Week Programme teaches you how to use NLP skills in an authentic way, for helping yourself, colleagues, family and friends communicate in the best way possible for staying resourceful, optimistic and motivated.

The programme is delivered on Zoom

  • 6 weekly x 2.5 hour live training sessions.
  • Certificate of Attendance from the Society of NLP, signed by Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP)
  • Your own workbook 
  • Online Accountability Log 
  • Live personal breakout sessions supervised by our team of highly experienced NLP Trainers and NLP Business Master Practitioners
  • Each week you complete a small project, bringing back evidence of how you are using the techniques taught that week
  • Complimentary lifetime access to Fiona's online training course 'How to Use the NLP Meta Model in Business (worth $399)
  • Fast Tracking Your Leading, Coaching and Influencing Skills Ebook
  • Discounted access to our online Masterclasses and Practice Groups
  • Plus access to the full recording of the training sessions, including transcripts 

On successful completion you will be awarded a Society of NLP Certificate of Attendance signed by Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) John LaValle (President of the Society of NLP)  and Fiona Campbell (licensed NLP Trainer)

This programme also counts as 2 days towards the next 7 Day NLP Business Practitioner or NLP Business Master Practitioner training, Licensed by the Society of NLP and Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), that Fiona Campbell is delivering  (dates to be announced as soon as restrictions are lifted)


Programme Certification  

On successful completion of this programme, you will receive a Society of NLP certificate of attendance signed by Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) John La Valle (President of the Society NLP) and Fiona Campbell (NLP Trainer and Business Coach Trainer)

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Module One - Creating Connections

Our Inside and Outside Worlds - What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) - How NLP skills improve communication and relationship building - Different communication channels - VAK Communication - Eye Access Cues - The 8 presuppositions of NLP - How we create behaviour - Controlling Self-Talk - Week One Accountability Project 

Module Two - Tuning Up Your Calibrating Skills

Sharing Progress - Taking in information through our senses - VAK Representation Systems - Sub-modalities – Visual Holograms - The communication process - Retrieving information that has been distorted, deleted and generalised - Asking purposeful and targeted open questions - Q & A - Week Two Accountability Project 

Module Three - Setting Well Formed Outcomes

Sharing Progress - Creating an active listening state - Identifying where problems live - Setting Well Formed Outcomes - Controlling your state - The power of Mirror Neurons - Q & A - Week Three Accountability Project 


Module Four - Directing Conversations

Sharing Progress - Vulnerability and Empathy for Building Rapport  - Directing Conversations using Milton Model  - Moving Mindset from Problems to Solutions - Using the RAFT Model to identify success strategies - Q & A - Week Four Accountability Project 

Module Five - Anchoring and Communicating with Meta Programmes

Sharing Progress - Identifying and matching Buy in Strategies - Anchoring resourceful states in self and others - Communicating using NLP Meta Programmes - Q & A - Week Five Accountability Project 


Module Six - Timeline Goals and Collaborating With Others

Sharing Progress - Timeline Goals - Collaborating with others - Seeing things from the perspective of others - Staying open and curious - Q & A - Course Wrap Up 


You will also learn about:

Developing the advanced communication skills for communicating frictionlessly over any medium, with all types of behavioural styles

Increasing self awareness and self control by becoming more aware your emotional intelligence and  becoming more empathetic of the feelings and behaviour of others.

Developing even better leadership and coaching skills by understanding the different behavioural styles and different ways that we all motivate ourselves.

Clarifying goals of yourself and others by thinking ahead and seeing what you are looking to achieve, making communication so much easier. NLP techniques helps you focus on your goals and targets, so you can change thought patterns and behaviours to achieve your desired results.

Flexibility of thinking by being willing to make the changes to your behaviour and ways of thinking, which is a skill that all excellent communicators use.                                                                    


Your Trainers

Fiona Campbell is an NLP Business Coach Trainer, Master Practitioner, Professional Growth Coach, Corporate Facilitator and Clinical Hypnotherapist She has been using her NLP skills in the business world helping people become more resourceful for over 30 years. She was a Sales Manager in the Middle East for Xerox and Yellow Pages in the UK




Naima Sheikh is a Digital Strategy & Business Systems consultant, NLP Business Master Practitioner, and NLP Business Coach.  With 25+ years of experience in the corporate world, Naima has held roles as Director of IT Strategy and Development in large, multi-industry conglomerates in the Middle East.  Most recently, Naima focuses on helping individuals and businesses bring their products and services to the online world, so they may fully participate in the internet economy.


Payment Options - Includes:

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One Payment of $1,497

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Three Monthly Payments of $527.00

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"I have had the very great pleasure of being trained by Fiona, I was so impressed I recommended her training to my organisation (NHS). Her training is exemplary and you will always learn new skills and gain incredible knowledge. She is motivated and enthusiastic about her services and delivers it always from an extremely high professional aspect."

Anne-Maria Newham MBE
Executive Director Nursing AHPs Quality at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

"I highly recommend Fiona Campbell. She delivers my NLP skills specifically for use in leadership development and enhancing communication skills in business. She is continually updating her training with the most up to date skills I have developed, and was a member of my assisting team in London for over eight years. Fiona is licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to deliver NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Business Master Practitioner and NLP Business Coach training programs "

Dr Richard Bandler
Co-Creator of NLP

"Fiona removes all barriers to success. Her approach to individual growth is based upon an uncanny ability to assess where to begin - after all we are all different. I have no doubt that whatever the challenge offered Fiona will work with me to deliver a positive outcome and then she will deliver the results that I didn't realise I needed. All business leaders need a Fiona"

Paul Crow
Managing Director PDC Sales Consulting Ltd

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