How Changing Your Thoughts Changes Your Results

If you’re in an office, look around you right now. They’ll be someone sitting not too far from you who makes their job look easy.

If you’re in sales, they’ll be the person who always brings in more appointments, more call successes and ultimately more sales, than anyone else.

I’m also sure, that when you’ve asked them how they achieve their success, what they tell you sounds almost identical to what you do.

So, if you’re making the same number of calls, talking to the same level of decision-maker, using the same suite of value propositions – why are your figures always less than this particular colleague at the end of every month?

Well guess what, they only told you half the story – they only told you what ACTIONS they were taking!

The missing part of their success strategy is what they are THINKING and FEELING when they take actions.

What goes on ‘inside’ is just as important as the actions we take on the ‘outside.’

If you can, now go back to that same person and ask them a different question – ask them what they are thinking before they pick up the phone and how they feel about making their calls.

You’ll now start to really hear why they are successful and also see a noticeable difference between their thoughts and your own.

They will probably explain that they think about how they have something of real value and importance to share with the person on the other end of the call and how that fills them with genuine excitement and enthusiasm.

They imagine that everyone they talk to wants to see them, because they know that they can genuinely provide a product or service that will improve the job or the organisation of the person they are on the phone to.

They are happy when people say no, as this gives them time to make more calls – more opportunity to speak to other people who they can help.

Mostly though, they enjoy speaking to everyone, whether they get an appointment or not.

Now compare this with what you were thinking...

Before you picked up the phone you were probably had thoughts running through your mind like ‘ they won’t want to talk to me, ‘what I have won’t interest them,’ ‘I’m going to interrupting them from something more important’ and the list could go on and on.

What happens next? You start to feel uncomfortable and nervous. Your mouth becomes dry and your voice goes squeaky. You also start to crouch over, to make yourself smaller.

No wonder you did not gain the same results!

Your thoughts – feelings – actions = the results you achieve

If you’re thinking that no one wants to speak to you and you are sounding really nervous on the phone, how do you think that sounds to others?

Will they be comfortable to talk with you? Probably not, and no matter how many calls you make your success at making appointments will remain low.

However, please take note of this next line…

These feelings you experience are ONLY as a result of the thoughts you are having, otherwise known as that little voice inside your head.

AND, just by changing your thoughts you can instantly alter your feelings.

Now imagine the difference to your ‘success’ when you focus on how your call is going to add value to this organisation and how they are going to be so pleased that you contacted them first regarding the opportunity.

Just run this statement through your mind a few times, relating it to your job and your calls and feel the change in your mood – you can feel confidence coming through your body almost instantly.

It makes you become excited about picking up the phone – you can feel yourself wanting to call someone and tell them about the opportunity you’ve just seen and how it could help them.

If they’re not ready to buy right now, fine, no problem. There are plenty of others who will jump at this opportunity – so let’s make sure I’m telling them about it too!

You’re still going to make the same number of calls, to the same type of decision-maker, offering them the same proposition – BUT how much more certain are you now that they will take up your offer?

So the next time you or someone you work with is not achieving what they want, ask:

“What am I thinking?”

“What is that little voice saying in my head right now?”

“How is this making me feel?”

“What am I doing?”

Remember a thought is just a thought and there are always plenty more resourceful thoughts to choose from… you just need to ask yourself the sorts of questions that WILL give you the results that you require.

By changing what you are thinking, feeling or doing you WILL change the result – try it now…

This article was co-written by Fiona Campbell and Kevin Mathews of Maximise Potential

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