Good leaders always know themselves before they can lead others.  This eBook is designed as a reference workbook for you to work through the 9 Action Steps to help you become more aware of yourself and fast track your leading, coaching and influencing skills

What People Are Saying About This Book

“Very clever way of looking at things, this knowledge could be used in any situation not just for business - great book!”

“Steven Covey said, "Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.  "This author has written a book, which recognises the difference between management and leadership. This book alone won't make you the perfect communicator but it will DEFINITELY help you understand why you want to communicate, to whom and what your audience needs to hear -and actually that's what it's all about. Steven Covey would approve, so do I.”

“A must read for all you leaders and coaches out there, these techniques are paramount in the toolbox of a Manager or Coach. I couldn't put this down.”

“I am working on the leadership and motivation within myself and management and use this book in coaching and training. This has developed the management team and we have noticed a growth in our business”

“This simple straight forward book is not just a great read, but a powerful management methodology. I have followed the exercises and I and my teams have benefited greatly”

“This little gem is great.... a simple book about good communication using the basic principles of NLP and common sense, of course, not that common in the modern world. I really enjoyed it, for the price buy it and Fiona carry on can't wait for the next in the series.”

“Communication is always important, but more so for those in leadership positions in business. ‘Fact Tracking Your Leading, Coaching and Influencing Skills’ iis packed with solid information, practical tips and exercises.  It focuses on art and science of leadership communication skills in a way that is accessible, practical and effective.  Powerful stuff.”

“Yet again Fiona is in the world of giving and has given another great read, a useful tool to have around to act as a reminder. Well written, clear communication. Thank you.”

“This book is succinct, simple and very much to the point.  Vital for business leaders to understand the simplicity and lack of ego required to get not only results, but a cohesive team, and loyalty, with which results are achieved.”

“The book does what it says on the cover - provides some really useful common sense insights about what makes effective communication as a leader and coach with nine simple and effective exercises”

“This book is an excellent insight into how communication can make a Leader a Good Leader. The content leaves me thinking about how I communicate with clients and how I lead my business. I found the exercises useful and appropriate to aid my thinking and I can't wait for the next book in the series. The series from Fiona Campbell should be given to all potential leaders as soon as they are put in a position of Leadership”


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