Supercharge your communication skills to develop the art of asking the right questions, in the right way at the right time to confidently take strategic business decisions

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Are you struggling to get to the heart of what really motivates your team members or coaching clients?

Are you desperate for the people you lead and coach, to take more personal responsibility for achieving their goals and objectives?

Do you get frustrated about, not being able to quickly get the full picture of any situation?

You want to make a difference by equipping your coaching clients and team members, with the skills of resilience and flexibility to navigate the tough business challenges ahead

Do you want to develop and grow the people you lead and coach, to be the best they can be?


If that sounds like you - check out how learning to use the NLP Meta Model information gathering tool will transform the way you lead and coach

Do you want to develop the skills and confidence for controlling the direction of your life, inspiring the people you work with, solving problems proactively, communicating smoothly and engaging and motivating others conversationally?

Our Licensed NLP Business Practitioner training empowers and equips business professionals with tool for leading and coaching with confidence whilst driving their business to new heights

We use internationally recognised  teaching practices to deliver an engaging, hands-on programme.

The skills learned are highly practicable and designed for instant implementation in your business operations. 

You will be in groups of like-minded business professionals from a number of different businesses, making for a social and stimulating learning environment.


How to use the NLP Meta Model in Business

How this training will empower you:

Inspiring Others

Helping people become enthused, encouraged, creative and motivated about finding the best solutions that work for them 

Achieving Goals

Learn the killer questions that ensures people take personal responsibility for creating their own energy and motivation to achieve their goals 

Developing Others

Learn to help others build their own resilience and flexibility for overcoming the tough business challenges we are all now facing 

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What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a methodology and attitude that improves the way people communicate, motivate and build relationships with others. NLP helps you understand how verbal and non-verbal communication affects our physical and emotional state and the way this impacts on the ability to think clearly and get things done. We focus on the process of how people are communicating rather than analysing why they communicate the way they do.

Nothing is stronger than human connection. Finding ways to help yourself and others remain productive in ever-changing environments, requires an agile, flexible and authentic mindset.

Being able to quickly develop the NLP advanced communication skills to help yourself and others feel connected, genuinely listened to, understood, valued and appreciated helps us all stay connected, optimistic and motivated.

This online training will equip you with exactly the same skillset and mindset.

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Your Trainer

Fiona Campbell is an International NLP Business Coach Trainer, Master Practitioner, Professional Growth Coach, Corporate Facilitator and Clinical Hypnotherapist 

For over 30 years she has taught thousands of people to use NLP skills in business for improving communication skills and developing a flexible and resourceful ways of thinking 

Previously she had a sales career with major companies including Xerox and Yellow Pages 

What you get when you sign up for:

How to use the NLP Meta Model in Business

This self-learning online course has been designed to teach business leaders and coaches a very elegant way of asking questions to help the people you work with:


Take more personal responsibility for their actions

Move from a problem focused mindset to a solution focused mindset

Develop more creative and flexible ways of thinking and working

Become motivated and energised about achieving goals and objectives

Create a roadmap for moving forward

Overcome limited beliefs and build more self confidence

You will also learn:

How to quickly identify if a you are dealing with a Value, Belief, Environment or Strategy Problem

How to use language in a specific way for energising, motivating and inspiring the people you lead and coach

Help others quickly change their thought patterns and behaviours to achieve desired results.

This Self Learning Programme teaches you how to use the NLP Meta Model in an authentic way, for helping yourself, colleagues, family and friends communicate in the best way possible for staying resourceful, optimistic and motivated.

The lifetime access programme is delivered on both the Kajabi Platform and Kajabi App - to give you maximum flexibility for learning 

Lifetime Access


What you'll get:

  • Over 60 Short Videos
  • Downloadable Audios
  • Writable PDF Workbook
  • 3 Online Assessments
  • Certificate of Completion from the The Professional Growth Company
  • Free 'The Resourceful Leader Toolkit' E-book, Workbook and Audiobook worth $57.00
  • 60% discount off membership to our the NLP Business Circle Online Club ($499.00 annually)


Naima Sheikh
Digital Strategy Consultant


"I trained with Fiona as an NLP Business Coach. The content and training delivery were impeccable, relevant and presented in a way that helped me discover immediately actionable skills. I now use my coaching skills with every client I work with I was able to apply much of the newly acquired knowledge to my business environment. In fact, I then brought Fiona to deliver a workshop at my company. The workshop was an eye-opener and a great success. I would recommend Fiona and her particular brand of pragmatic, actionable NLP for Business to any organization who is interested in getting the best out of their workforce talent."

Julie Alton
Managing Director

"I have attended the NLP Business Coach training that Fiona. The course has impacted me in so many ways, it has expanded my understanding of the world of communication, understanding of perspectives and working with my team at work to help them to be the best that they can be. I have numerous examples of team members who now understand how to achieve their desired goals much more effectively which has been achieved by utilising the excellent skills and techniques learnt during my training. There has been a substantial improvement in productivity which I can without doubt attribute to the new style of coaching we have implemented."

Anu Subramaniam
HR Director

"I attended the NLP Business Coach program conducted by Fiona. Her program is designed to be application centric and the tools that she provided, simple and yet so meaningful that when used well in a business situation, its benefits are clearly visible and the impact is ‘powerful’. It clearly shows that she understands the business scenario very well indeed. Watching her demonstrating a Coaching Session is an awesome learning experience; very inspirational and at the same time she is constantly sharing with the participants the nuances on how to be a highly effective coach. I would highly recommend her programs to businesses and individuals who wish to be more effective and move up to the next level."