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Live Online NLP Masterclasses are held on the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday each month from 12 - 2pm UK Time

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NLP Business Circle Club

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Our NLP online Master Classes are live, with breakout sessions, giving you plenty of time to practice, while being supported by our highly experienced team of Society of NLP Trainers, NLP Business Master Practitioners and NLP Business Coaches.

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This Online Club is for You if:

  • You have attended an NLP training or workshop, and have asked yourself "What is the next step?"
  • You want to apply your NLP skills to improve the way motivate and inspire the people you work with and coach
  • You want to practice and develop your NLP SKLLS with highly experienced NLP Trainers, NLP Business Master Practitioners and NLP Business Coaches
  • You want to to be a member of a vibrant international community of NLP Professionals
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  • How Your Values Drive You 
  • Neurological Levels and Time lines for a Leadership Mindset 
  • Motivating with Meta Programmes
  • The Structure of Trance Language The Power of Setting ExpectationsBack to Basics and Creating a ‘Know Nothing State’
  • Accessing and Transferring Resources
  • Milton - Inverse of the Meta Model 
  • Developing and Marketing a Professional NLP Practice
  • NLP Swish for Changing Limited Beliefs
  • The SPLATR Model
  • Setting Well Formed Outcomes
  • Eliciting and Installing Motivation Strategies
  • Writing marketing copy using NLP Meta Programmes
  • Perception in Projection, Anchors, NLP Modelling
  • Time Language and Time Lines
  • Using the RAFT Coaching Model
  • Logical Levels for Solving Problems and Achieving Goals
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & The Resolution Strategy
  • Using the NLP Meta Model 
  • The Power Stories and Metaphors for Business and Coaching 
  • Conversationally Helping People to Become 'Unstuck' 
  • Directing Conversations with Milton Presuppositions
  • The Power of NLP Meta Programmes
  • Creating Resourceful States and Anchoring Resilience
  • Model Operators and Motivation Strategies
  • Moving Sub Modalities from Difficult to Easy
  • Developing Your NLP Calibration Skills

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Your Trainer

Fiona Campbell is an International ANLP Accredited Trainer and NLP Business Coach Trainer, Professional Growth Coach, Corporate Facilitator and Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Since 1992 she has been specialising in NLP for Business and Coaching. She has taught thousands of people to use NLP skills in business for improving communication skills and developing a flexible and resourceful ways of thinking 

Previously she had a sales career with major companies including Xerox and Yellow Pages 

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NLP Business Circle Club

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  • Access to over 50 Master Class Archive videos, audio recordings and writable PDF's for each session on your mobile
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  • Live support from Fiona Campbell and her team 
  • Be to be part of a growing community of international NLP Professionals
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Ghassan Chemali - Dubai

"Fiona’s NLP Business Circle Club Master Class sessions have enabled me to better understand and unlock tremendous potential in multiple areas of NLP."

Swati Sinha - India

"Sharing is learning and this platform gives an opportunity to the participants to freely share their understanding of the various NLP tools and techniques and learn from peers across the world."

Naima Sheikh - USA

"This Club is amazing for learning new ways of applying NLP skills for business and coaching no matter what level you are at. The opportunity to practice with others in the breakout rooms really embeds the learning."