7-Day Licensed NLP Business Practitioner Training, Solihull, 29 February until 6 March 2020

This training is delivered by Fiona Campbell, International NLP Business Trainer and Licensed by the Society of NLP and Dr Richard Bandler

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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a methodology and attitude that improves the way people communicate, motivate and build relationships with others. NLP helps you understand how verbal and non-verbal communication affects our physical and emotional state and the way this impacts on the ability to think clearly and get things done.

In business NLP skills are used to develop better working relationships with clients, colleagues and team members by

Improving Communication Skills: Get better at communicating with clients as well as co-workers and team members by asking the right questions to become clear about situations, helping people find their own solutions and building sustainable business relationships

Increasing Awareness and Self Control: Becoming more aware and in control of your emotions, enables you to understand the feelings and behaviour of others and create empathy and cooperation with those you work with.

Developing Better Leadership and Coaching Skills: Understanding the different ways that people become motivated helps you coach and develop others effectively.

Clarifying Outcomes: Thinking ahead and seeing what you are looking to achieve makes communication much easier. NLP techniques helps you focus on your goals and targets, so you can change thought patterns and behaviours to achieve your desired results.

Flexibility:  Business success requires openness and flexibility. If you are willing to make changes to your behaviour and ways of thinking, then using NLP skills will assist you in making changes to achieve the success you want.  

Hello I am Fiona Campbell and I am delighted to be bringing my NLP Business Practitioner training back to Solihull after 6 Years.                                                                                                                            

I have been teaching the patterns and strategies of NLP to thousands of business professionals, just like you, internationally for over 30 years and have delivered over 40 NLP Business Practitioner, Master Practitioner and NLP Business Coach programmes Licensed by the Society of NLP and Dr Richard Bandler 

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a highly advanced business communication and coaching methodology which teaches you the patterns, structures and strategies of behaviour to help you understand, motivate, inspire, engage and value the people you are leading and coaching.

The NLP Business Practitioner programme is an immersive and interactive 7-Day training giving you advanced communication strategies for changing and improving your life and lives of those you work with for good.

If you already have an NLP Business Practitioner or NLP Practitioner Certification and are ready to take your skills to the next level, contact me for details of the NLP Business Master Practitioner training 

Develop Your Communication Skills by: 

  • Learning the secret behaviour strategies of the worlds top business leaders, coaches and influencers
  • Developing flexibility for building unstoppable confidence and motivation for smashing goals
  • Using winning internal dialogue for keeping you, and the people you lead resilient and motivated through challenging times
  • Developing the skills for helping people be more engaged and motivated.

Business Owners

Learn techniques for overcoming limiting beliefs and identifying and overcoming hurdles that are preventing you from growing your business to the next level. Learn the emotional intelligence skills to build  rapport for engaging, motivating, developing and transforming  your team into a highly motivated group.

Leaders and Coaches

Learn tools and techniques for conversationally motiving yourself and others to achieve goals and objectives. Help people gain total clarity for their goals and identify what has been stopping them the past. Remove barriers to success and help other gain the confidence to move out of their comfort zone. 

Sales Professionals

Learn models for identifying and matching buying strategies of your clients. Tools and techniques for clarifying exactly what they need, creating strong rapport and building sustainable business relationships. Learn the skills for communicating with you clients in ways that make them like and trust you.

Fast Track Your Communicating and Influencing Skills By Booking Your Place on the NLP Business Practitioner Training Now

An instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as buy now, find out more or visit a store today.

What People Are Saying About This Training


Your Trainer 

My name is Fiona Campbell, and I am an NLP Business Coach Trainer and Professional Growth Coach

I don't just teach NLP skills for business, I use these skills when delivering corporate training and coaching my Executive Clients to develop and grow their companies. I have over 25 years sales and management experience and was a top sales performer and manager with Xerox Emirates in Dubai and Yellow Pages in the UK

I have delivered over 40 NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Business Master Practitioner and NLP Business Coach programmes Licensed by the Society of NLP and Dr Richard Bandler since  2005. I was privileged to be a member of Dr Richard Bandler and Paul Mckenna's assisting team in London for over eight years

I deliver Licensed NLP programmes, Corporate Leadership Development Courses and Executive and Professional Growth Coaching in the UK and the Middle East

Details of the Course Content

This training provides a comprehensive grounding in using NLP skills in business.

We cover the full syllabus from the Society of NLP Practitioner guidelines from a business perspective. The topics covered are:

  • Moving mindset from problems to solutions
  • Creating a Leadership Mindset
  • Using timeline for project management and goal setting
  • Goal setting using well formed outcomes
  • Changing and overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Anchoring resourceful states in self and others
  • Using submodalities to build rapport 
  • Tracking eye access cues
  • Matching visual, auditory and kinesthetic Language
  • Techniques for building strong business relationships
  • Modelling excellence and successful behaviour strategies
  • The presuppositions and history of NLP

In addition we cover in depth the three NLP Language Models highlighted below.

NLP Meta Model

Quickly get clarity about situations and to the heart of problems to save time and money by using structured and purposeful questions to gather information that is missing form conversations. You receive pre-course access to my online training course 'How to Use the NLP Meta Model in Business' This training has over 40 short videos to support you in mastering using this powerful linguistic tool.

NLP Milton Model

Using language to influence and motivate conversationally. This is the language of ambiguity which is used by lawyers and media advertising. Learn to use the language skills to guide people to their desired outcome. Being artfully vague is a skill used by highly influential leaders and salespeople to get full buy-in for their ideas, products and services.

Meta Programmes

This is the way we filter and sort information and drives our motivation. This is the behaviour profiling model. Some of the benefits of matching Meta Programmes are marketing to the right customer, speeding up the response time, motivating conversationally and recruiting the right people, with the right behaviour for the right job.

Pricing Options

Save 40% off the full price of £2,225. or if you prefer pay over 5 months and still save 30%. Your investment includes Society of NLP Certification (signed by Dr Richard Bandler co-founder of NLP) Society of NLP Manual, NLP Business Practitioner Workbook, Lifetime access to my Online Course 'How to Use the NLP Meta Model in Business', Fast Tracking Your Leading, Coaching and Influencing Skills eBook, Refreshments

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"I have had the very great pleasure of being trained by Fiona, I was so impressed I recommended her training to my organisation (NHS). Her training is exemplary and you will always learn new skills and gain incredible knowledge. She is motivated and enthusiastic about her services and delivers it always from an extremely high professional aspect."

Anne-Maria Newham MBE
Executive Director of Nursing AHPs & Quality at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

"I highly recommend Fiona Campbell. She delivers my NLP skills specifically for use in leadership development and enhancing communication skills in business. She is continually updating her training with the most up to date skills I have developed, and was a member of my assisting team in London for over eight years. Fiona is licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to deliver NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Business Master Practitioner and NLP Business Coach training programs "

Dr Richard Bandler
Co-Creator of NLP

"Fiona removes all barriers to success. Her approach to individual growth is based upon an uncanny ability to assess where to begin - after all we are all different. I have no doubt that whatever the challenge offered Fiona will work with me to deliver a positive outcome and then she will deliver the results that I didn't realise I needed. All business leaders need a Fiona"

Paul Crow
Managing Director PDC Sales Consulting Ltd

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