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NLP Courses for Business Leaders and Coaches

NLP Advanced Communication Skills for Leading & Coaching 

Live and interactive online training for learning how to use the advanced NLP Communication skills that make it easy to motivate and inspire yourself and others to achieve goals and objectives 

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NLP Business Coaching for Leaders & Managers 

The best part about coaching the people you lead is them gaining the confidence to take personal responsibility for their tasks and objectives. Live and interactive training courses for learning easy to apply coaching strategies

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How to Use the NLP Meta Model in Business

If you are struggling to get people to open up to you then learning to use the NLP Meta Model is what you need.  Discover how to easily get people connecting with you and solving their own problems 

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Membership Club and Professional Growth Coaching

NLP Business Circle  Club

The club for international NLP  Business Professionals looking to further develop their NLP skills for business and coaching. No matter if you are a total beginner to NLP or highly experienced, our club is there to support and help you develop and grow your NLP skills.

Join us on the 2 x 2 hour live Master Classes a month, practice in the breakout rooms and get unlimited access to an extensive Library of videos, audios and workbooks that you can 

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Are you tired of feeling like your business is stuck in a rut? Do you struggle to meet your goals or feel like you're not reaching your full potential? It's time to take action and invest in yourself and your business.

With the guidance of Fiona Campbell you can gain the tools and strategies you need to overcome your obstacles, grow your business, and achieve the success you deserve. Don't wait any longer to reach your full potential – learn more about Professional Growth Coaching today and take the first step towards a brighter future!

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 NLP Courses Certified by ANLP (Association of NLP) 

ANLP Certified NLP Business Practitioner

NLP provides you with a set of skills that enable you to become more confident, motivated, think better. make better decisions and become a better communicator. Learn to fully listen and match different communication and behaviour styles to become much more effective in the way you lead and coach

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ANLP Certified NLP Business Coach

Going beyond standard coaching approaches, NLP Business Coaching helps  clients change limiting beliefs and key patterns behaviour by helping them experience different perspectives and  'reprogramming' the way they think about challenge. This help them to make much more informed decisions and create better choices 

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